All that’s left

image of a broken piece of glass on the ground with autum leaves around it - with text that reads Fallen memories scattered remains of human desires

Fallen memories;
scattered remains of human:


One man’s trash,
another’s treasure—

Flip side

Image of fallen autumn leaves on a green lawn with a path going through it and more green lawn on the other side. Text on the image reads: Slightly greener, a world of optimism; on other side.
Glebe Park, Canberra

Slightly greener,
a world of optimism;
on other side.

This is a poem I wrote at a haiku/haiga workshop I attended recently. We wandered around the park, looking for perfect imperfections to inspire our work.

A proud moment

The proudest moment for anyone who writes is having a third person read and appreciate their work.

I got my moment today.

A friend in my writing group kindly reviewed my first collection of travel haiku.

It’s my first review, and I’m quite pleased—if I may say so myself.

Read the whole review here:

Steps and Stones is available on Amazon.