Mind’s eye

midnight moon

Sleepless at midnight,
awakening in the dark;
eye-opening sight.


The moon at 1 pm in the afternoon
The 1 pm show

The moon after noon,
waves hello to mere earthlings;
treat for day timers.

The rising

Rise of the full moon, Canberra
Rise of a full moon, Canberra

At first light of dark,
as waning sun creeping low,
come the moon chasers.

Photo: My friend, Janet Martin, who blogs as Wandering Feet.

Moon’s day out

Full moon on a winter evening, Canberra

Sneaking from behind,
a kitten in a new house;
sunset moon through trees.

Manmade; pointless

Moon on an Autumn afternoon
3 pm on an autumn afternoon

Precious jewel, time,
exclusive to the elite—
hokum, day moon shows.