The rising

Rise of the full moon, Canberra
Rise of a full moon, Canberra

At first light of dark,
as waning sun creeping low,
come the moon chasers.

Photo: My friend, Janet Martin, who blogs as Wandering Feet.

Moon’s day out

Full moon on a winter evening, Canberra

Sneaking from behind,
a kitten in a new house;
sunset moon through trees.

Manmade; pointless

Moon on an Autumn afternoon
3 pm on an autumn afternoon

Precious jewel, time,
exclusive to the elite—
hokum, day moon shows.

Super sights

Super moon, May 2020, Canberra
Super moon, Canberra

All’s superstition
for those so superficial—
even super moon.


Autumn midday in Canberra
12:30 pm on an autumn day, Canberra

Midday autumn sky—
as apparent as the sun,
yet brighter, the moon.