photo of the pre dawn colours in the sky, with a few trees silhouetted

Silhouetted trees,
butter yellows, baby pinks,
sunrise; brave new world.

Morning, sunshine!

foggy morning in Goulburn

Through my window bars,
descending, cold as judgement:
early morning fog.


video of fog evaporating in the morning sun
Mornings in Launceston, Tasmania

Curtains rise slowly,
a world prepares for wonder;
morning in the hills.

Work day

Early morning on a summer day, just before the vehicles came, Canberra

Unbalancing life,
in the wee hours of morning—
the wheels of fortune.

Morning rituals

Summertime sunrise, Canberra
Canberra’s sunrises are as glorious as sunsets

Rise every morning,
in search of light, clarity;
chase the horizon.