photo of a tall lemon scented gum in the Mt. Remarkable Summit trail in Melrose, South Australia
Lemon-scented gumtree
Mt. Remarkable Summit trail, Melrose, South Australia

Holding the skies up;
keeping the earth together—
straight-backed lemon gum.


photo of the Alligator Gorge in the Mount Remarkable national park, with tall and slender gum trees within the stone structures
Alligator Gorge, Mount Remarkable national park, South Australia

Outstanding colours,
like spots on a Dalmatian—
gum trees in a gorge.


photo of small town Melrose as seen from halfway up Mount Remarkable summit, surrounded by gumtrees
Melrose, South Australia, as seen from halfway up Mount Remarkable

Flanked on all four sides,
eucalyptus aplenty—
tiny island town.


closeup photo of the peeling bark of a tree

Our layers crumble—
when who we were fades away,
who we could be, comes.


photo of the broken stump of a tree burnt out in the middle
On the way up Mount Remarkable Summit, Melrose, South Australia

Bush fire season ends—
once a thriving monarchy,
now a burnt landmark.