photo of the shadow of the photographer on sea waves close to the shore

Waves don’t wash away,
all that lingers in my mind,
a shadow of doubt.


close up photo of a rock on a beach, with coloured stripes on it
Random rock on O’Sullivan’s beach, Adelaide

A fashion statement—
stripes in contrasting colours,
catwalk of beach rocks.


view of the ocean in the distance and grassy path closeby with white clouds gathering overhead

Chasing their own tails,
bounding onto luscious fields,
ocean’s athletes, clouds.


various shades of blue on the sea shore, George Town, Tasmania
George Town, Tasmania

Blues upon more blues,
molecular imbalance—
therapeutic sea.


photo of the ocean and some of the green lawn by the shore - George Town, Tasmania
George Town, Tasmania

Beyond basic blues,
sustained shades of sheer soundness,
lapping by my feet.