a grave enclosed in metal railings, part of which is broken and scattered in the ground nearby
Cemetery, Melrose, South Australia

Crumbled bones, grave sites,
enduring the test of time—
tell stories of gore.


Photo of the sun gleaming through a hanging row of wisteria.

Gadgets in small hands
piercingly painful picture
over exposure

Hold tight

brown autumn leaf stuck on chicken wire

Bound by elements
clinging dearly for life: leaf;
frail, but what a view!

Flip side

Image of fallen autumn leaves on a green lawn with a path going through it and more green lawn on the other side. Text on the image reads: Slightly greener, a world of optimism; on other side.
Glebe Park, Canberra

Slightly greener,
a world of optimism;
on other side.

This is a poem I wrote at a haiku/haiga workshop I attended recently. We wandered around the park, looking for perfect imperfections to inspire our work.

Unintentional act

Talent is an accident of genes, and a responsibility.

Alan Rickman, AKA Severes Snape

I’m away on holiday for a couple of weeks, and until I get back with more haiku and photographs, I’m sharing some of my favourite quotes. Hope you enjoy!

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