Parental pleasures

Central Park Carousel in New York City

Central Park Carousel in New York City

A day at the park

subtle art of parenting

rekindling childhood



Umlauf sculpture museum in Austin, Texas

Umlauf sculpture garden in Austin, Texas

Expecting a naught

return on her investment

a mother nurtures

Turned tables

In sickness and health

to protect, love, and cherish

daughter promises


For joy awaiting

swallowing lumps down the throat,

father, doctor, her


There was nothing else left to do. Marhsa had spent the weekend catching up on her reading, work emails, and calls. Those were easy. She had dawdled to avoid the dreaded task: cleaning up the attic.

It’d accumulated more dust and memories than she wanted to rekindle. As if looking into a different life, she rummaged around with growing queasiness. If only she could forget.

Coloured pencils and glitter paper greeted her. In faded yellow, pink, red, and green, as a long-gone rainbow, were her daughter’s handcrafts. Where the pot of gold should’ve been was the pall of the six-year-old.