photo of the Matagarup Bridge in Perth as seen while walking under it
Matagarup Bridge, Perth

Intricate metal,
stretched across the horizon,
of concrete jungle.


photo of a cotton tree with a twisted main branch as it grows upwards

Giant trees grow old
winding up towards the skies
as a child’s painting


close up photo of a bottlebrush flower, partly in bloom
Bottlebrush, a tree of the Myrtaceae family, endemic to Australia

As the seasons turn,
growing from the inside out—
bottlebrushes bloom.


photo of the Elizabeth Quay apartment buildings in the Perth CBD

Tethered together,
warring, despite shared borders
and a spinal cord.


close up photo of Acacia glaucoptera, a native Western Australia flower shrub with green leaves and bright yellow globular flowers
Acacia glaucoptera, endemic to Western Australia.

Outlandish beauty:
summer walk in the garden—
lemon-kale salad.