close up photo of Acacia glaucoptera, a native Western Australia flower shrub with green leaves and bright yellow globular flowers
Acacia glaucoptera, endemic to Western Australia.

Outlandish beauty:
summer walk in the garden—
lemon-kale salad.


photo of two Moreton bay fig trees, with their wide, strong barks in the centre of the frame
Moreton bay fig trees

Explodes from hard earth,
commanding the air around,
Moreton bay fig.

Not man made

photo of a bridge's top, as seen from walking in it, with a cloudy sky against it

Gawking at the sky,
an engineering marvel—
sunlight between clouds.

National treasure

photo of a tall lemon scented gum tree slightly leaning to one side

Australia’s own
infamous leaning tower—
Lemon-scented gum


photo of a valley full of the garden weed, sorrel, with large native trees in the background

Colonised by weeds,
a country of native green,
stripped of its riches.