photo of sunflower seedlines in the ground
Sunflowers in the making

Slicing through packed earth,
seeds crack open to first leaves—
children of the sun.


close up photo of a pink rose in my garden surounded by grass weeds

In sunshine and rain,
amongst resilient weeds,
perseveres a rose.


close up photo of the hollow space inside a bamboo plant after it's been cut horizontally
Cross-section of a bamboo plant

Inside all of us,
hollow spaces full of void—
we are bamboozled.


photo of a row of bamboo plants, all scratched and carved with initials and random words
People leaving their mark on the Adelaide Botanical Garden

Tall dark and handsome,
clumper of bamboos await
human graffiti.


photo of spider flowers, also called grevillia, a native tree of Australia

Laws of attraction:
drawing in those who pass by—
flowering spiders.