Football player kicks the ball - a stock image from Unsplash

Kicking around

From one to another
passing from hand to hand
an ideal that's oh so shiny
that everyone wants to see
to hold, caress, inflict upon
opinions and convictions
with the dirt in their feet
making a plaything of reality
leaving their mark on it
before passing to another
spreading it as wildfire
to fellow playmates—shrewd
and dirt-smeared as they
a game of shameless soccer
politics—dividing the world
Image source: Unsplash

Just because

Richard Davis snorted.

The means didn’t matter as long as he achieved what he wanted. He wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity.

In fact, he reasoned making notes in his scrawly schoolboy handwriting, aliens don’t belong here. We’d be wasting our resources catering to them.  We have enough problems already without those ugly miscreants, too.

Smooth talker Richard had no difficulty swaying members of the ministry. He became the first official to propose and pass the law that denied livelihood to thousands of foreign workers.

“Well, gentlemen, they’re a hazard to local employment,” he’d declared.

Richard hated brown.

Speaking truth

A leader proclaims:
mankind’s proclivity for fakery;
its propensity for violence
and prosthetics to happiness;
the attempts to prolong life,
while prompting change,
unseeing prospective growth
uncaring of progressive efforts;
its focus on self promotion;
blurriness for natural produce;

As the good leader proclaims
the foolhardiness in process
public protests ensue.

Only way forward

When nature redefines tragedy

and media recreates parody

no recourse have we to do

but redesign our strategy—

form and reform policies

and to reframe fallacies

trying to renovate lives

by relocating those hives

ever looking to rebuild future

forever striving to restore hope.

Transformation is art

This week’s Photo Challenge is about transformation. Like most people, when I first heard that word, I thought of withering leaves and how nature changes. But then I remembered change happens even in unnatural instances.

While at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I saw creatives from artists all over the world. Each piece on display is a testament to its artist. One particular exhibit, however, was a testament to another person.

Barack Obama became one the world’s favourite politicians during his presidency. And sure enough, the most most of us would’ve seen of Obama is from our living rooms as we lounged on our couches. Or from reading the newspapers. This artist combined the two in a marvellous piece of art, transforming a simple couch into a timeline trophy of the once-president. This couch is covered with newspaper articles about Barack Obama during his eight years as president of the United States of America. Now that’s art worthy of a jaw drop.

Transformation is art - SFMOMA