Photo of a tall tree, with spreading branches, stood by the footpath.

Stands unassuming,
in the middle of the path,
giant tree at home.


photo of a pandanus palm tree in the foreground and the ocean in the background

Weeping pandanus,
leans in towards the ocean—
yearns for sea spray’s kiss.


Photo of the beach at sunset, with the early morning orange hue just visible outside the photo’s frame.

Lost souls wandering;
tyre marks along the ocean,
footprints on the soul.


Photo of the shadow of a palm tree and a lifeguard's post on the beach

Striking monuments,
between light and the ocean;
palm trees and lifeguards.


close up photo of a red flower on a cliff in Currumbin beach on the Gold Coast

With sand on its face,
ocean breeze fading petals,
flower on sea cliff.