The unchanging

Pies and bars were his life. Percentages became everyday parlance. And his tallied spreadsheets set him a class apart. It was picture perfect. He was the ideal high school student: teaches doted on him, classmates frowned upon him, and parents spoilt him for love.

Who needed good friends when you could have great grades?

Pies and bars are his life. Percentages… his wife. With tallied statements stacked in the bank, the picture remains perfect. Raises and praises shower on him, as colleagues thank his genius and bosses appreciate his smartness.

Who needs good friends when you can have great toasts?

Bar scenes

Smiles, introductions

Cheers, cheerful conversations

Nights, gone forgotten


Towers, homelessness

achievements of shamelessness

city life glamour


For joy awaiting

swallowing lumps down the throat,

father, doctor, her


The sleuth of the two

seeking in relationship

signs of affection