Considerate flying

I’m not what you’d call a frequent flyer, but I’ve had a decent share of airport walks and reconstituted airline oxygen. And I’m no stranger to weird neighbours, pesky kids, and smelly socks.

Remember when the person seated behind you jabbed their TV monitor so hard that it disrupted your sleep?

I do.

Or when the person next to you is watching such an inappropriate movie that you want to curl up and look away?


Well, these are the little things that create big impacts. That’s why I loved what I saw on my recent Alaska Air flight.

Alaska Air
Alaska Air

And of all the airlines I’ve travelled on, Alaska Air stands a class apart. And it’s not just because some of their domestic flights offer complimentary beer. They prioritise passenger comfort—even their crew uniforms are casual and comfortable.

The first time I only booked on Alaska, it was because the other budget airline I was leaning towards increased prices just before I purchased. I had to forego my preference at the last minute and settle for Alaska. But hey—free Biscoff and beer—what a lucky scenario!


Airport thoughts

As fades in slow motion
light of the evening sky
darkness falls in earnest
shrouding peering relations
those waving from the outside
while bright lights come on inside
turned on to illuminate the chaos
that’s reigning within these chambers
echoing voices of the eager travellers
electronically tones magnified ring
urging all to avoid the rush hour
guiding the misguided first timers
and wailing all along, for attention
of the juniors in high-energy mode
rising just as the world falls asleep
is an airport in a scattered time zone

Onwards she goes

With a new name
and a new home
across the nations
crossing all barriers
walks along and alone
a brave young maiden
for whom there’s none
to care for, to take care
only self and possessions
with clothes on her back
and books in her backpack
onwards she goes, fearless
for she’s got nothing to lose
all the world to gain and more
steadfast as the winning tortoise
passing by the hares and stares
takes on this bright new venture
this, a solo traveller’s adventure

Boats in Miami

Get out

Befriend the oceans

embrace the world in a boat

home is where heart is

Sunrise from Hotel Omni Southpark in Austin, Texas

New horizons

Beauty beyond words

the sunrise over the seas

traveller’s window

Photo: Sunrise from Hotel Omni Southpark in Austin, Texas