Tenkasi, South India

Pray, tell

Pray tell, thee, wise tree
how many lives have you seen
crushed beneath the human weight
staved off for their meat and desk
your tenants and their housing whole

Oh, dear, wise old tree
pray tell us truth with glee
who’s the vainest of us all
the one who orbits in space
taking away praise medallions
giving back footprints of carbon
or the one making firewood
felling earth from her roots
for a week’s worth of meals

Ageing, waning, wise tree,
how many times have we seen
heroes emerging on the face of the earth
biting the poor and sucking the wealth
to be rich and famous, at the cost of all

Blooming lotus in Kanyakumari, South India


In fortress of own

monopoly among bees

a lone flower blooms


Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas
Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas

As water, deep thoughts

the secret to clarity

always reflecting


Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas

Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas

Ends the comfort zone

begins there a new venture

awaits adventure


Solo travellers

strangers, strange conversations

always attracting