Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

In a fierce face-off
between nature and mankind
plants outgrow buildings

Photo: Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney


One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand

Camera cornered
like celebrity’s sibling
a stance in solo


Lone swan, lake Ginninderra, Canberra

never a weakness—
single, silent, stroke of strength
still makes a ripple

Live today

Bondi Beach, Sydney

No two days are same

just as experiences

leave no stone unturned

Photo: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Onwards she goes

With a new name
and a new home
across the nations
crossing all barriers
walks along and alone
a brave young maiden
for whom there’s none
to care for, to take care
only self and possessions
with clothes on her back
and books in her backpack
onwards she goes, fearless
for she’s got nothing to lose
all the world to gain and more
steadfast as the winning tortoise
passing by the hares and stares
takes on this bright new venture
this, a solo traveller’s adventure