photo of a country road with the sun behind a wave of clouds overhead

Reining in the clouds,
to scatter them overhead—
the sun brings us shade.


Photo of power lines along an empty road leading towards outback South Australia.

Nod to modern life:
power lines in the outback;
country goes city.


photo of a person walking away from the camera, with a large gorge rising on both sides of the person
Alligator Gorge, Melrose, South Australia

Standing by big things—
what a small thing our life is,
unlike our ego.


the railway building of Quorn in South Australia as seen from across an empty and silent road
Quorn, South Australia

There’s dark history
in a town where no one lives,
everyone visits.

Owning it

photo of a majestic blue gum tree in country South Australia

On a raised dais,
wide arms taking ownership:
blue gum; young woman.