close up photo of the first leaf of a sunflower pushing from the earth, with a shoe print on top of it
My housemate accidentally stepped on a patch we’d sowed sunflowers in, and the next morning, the first leaf had emerged

Smothered underfoot,
weight of the earth over it,
sunflower rises.


close up photo of a bottlebrush flower, partly in bloom
Bottlebrush, a tree of the Myrtaceae family, endemic to Australia

As the seasons turn,
growing from the inside out—
bottlebrushes bloom.


photo of a large tree with the sun shining brightly behind it

Blindingly, a light—
sleeping blossoms awaken;
spring is in the air.

Spring out

close up photo of daisies, their petal flickering in the wind, and a slender tree in the background with dots of first green leaves of spring

Tap dancing daisies,
green pimples on spindly trees,
in time for spring break.


close up photo of spring perennial flowers in the garden

Face up to the sky—
brave the chilly wintry breeze,
spring is on its way.