Heat stroke

close up photo of a dying sunflower

Shrinking in the heat,
sunflower whose time has come—
summer gardeners.

At last

Photo of a large tree in an empty suburban street. There are streaks of white clouds against a blue sky and tyre skid marks on the bitumen.

Clouds claw through the skies,
wild tyres screech across our roads—
summer has arrived.


photo of a mug full of coffee in front of a glass window with a green garden view beyond

Rainy good mornings,
warm coffees, teary farmers
La Niña summers.


close up photo of three flowers in a vertical line

Graceful battalion
paper thin petals prepare
face scorching summer


photo of sunlight on trees
My backyard

Bushy heads bent low
young and old yearn for showers
summertime coolant