Worthy of a crown

Eucalyptus trees along a creek, Canberra

Royal family,
flaunting from their balcony;
trees on my bike path.

Expand your palette

Summer sunlight reflecting on luscious trees on a bicycle path, Canberra

Green, blue, and yellow,
master painter’s shades of choice,
cherish, summer’s fall.


Summertime sunlight shining through the trees, Canberra

Brightest kid in class;
summertime sun in your face,
blindingly brilliant.

Life savers

Trees lining the lakefront, Canberra

Nature’s front line staff,
holding up earth’s defences,
trees, our true heroes.

Welcome, child

Cockatoos and corellas playing on trees on a partly cloudy summer afternoon, Canberra

The whole town’s gathered;
skies, trees, cawing cockatoos,
admiring the sun.