photo of the sunset with deep pinks, oranges, and blues, with trees silhouetted in the distance

Enjoy each sunset—
what gift it is to be free,
with like-minded friends.

Night out

silhouette of a trees' branches extending over a tall fence, with the sunset colours behind it

As the sun goes down,
the brave venture beyond walls—
overhanging fruits.

The end

photo of the sunset in the distance, with deep orange colours

Clouds once full and round
shrink; sun sets hollows deepen—
winter is coming.

An end

Photo of the sun setting behind tall buildings

Fireball in the sky
ominously sinks to earth
darkness is nigh here


photo of clouds gathered around the sun setting behind teh branches of a tall tree

Rounding up his fleet,
Ouranos comes to visit—
hail the setting sun.