Spot it

a leaf-less tree with a full moon barely visible from behind it
Can you find the moon?

Playing hide and seek,
a treasure in sunset skies,
awaiting hunters.

Warrior jet

smoke from a jet flying across the sky during sunset, Canberra

Slashing through the sky,
ripping horizons apart:
a samurai sword.

All guns blazing

autumn sunset colour streaks across the sky, looking like a shooting star

Like a shooting star
primed for destination earth,
lights up the sky, sun.


orange clouds in the sky during sunset, with dark trees in the background

Sweeping through the skies,
ushering in the darkness,
autumn clouds converge.


sunset on the horizon, as seem from across a play ground, Canberra

Just beyond your reach,
glimmering of hope, sunset;
a bright horizon.