silhouette of a tree and suburbian houses during sunset

Entwined with nature:
outline of humanity,
and yet, out of sync.


photo of the pinkish horizon of the setting sun, with two pink rose buds in the foreground

Late springtime sunset—
mimicking the horizon,
my pink roses blush.


close up photo of a pink rose with the deep blue-pink of the sunset in the background

Swallowing the sun,
the night creeps over our homes,
a new rose blushes.


photo of the sunset behind storm clouds, emiting a deep orange colour, with a rose bush in the foreground

Sunset before storm—
a ripple of burnt orange
magic in the air.


close up photo of a rose with the sun setting in the horizon behind it.

Hat tip for the sun,
welcoming wave to the moon—
roses in the breeze.