close up photo of a small white flower with about ten small petals, with more of the same flowers in the background

As shattered glassware,
breadcrumbs on the forest floor,
mushrooming flowers.


panoramic photo of a large tree in the middle of a walking track in a na

If I’m in their way—
giant trees, unlike humans,
let me pass in peace.


photo of a tall tree trunk, with little hair-like branches growing on it

Standing on the edge,
against cold-hearted humans,
hairs on a tree stump.


photo of a tree with a twisted truck and branches

Stand impressively:
ancient survival instincts—
lean and ripped tree trunk.


a panaromic photo of a canopy of fig trees in Hyde Park, Sydney
Hyde Park, Sydney

Warmth in a cold world:
fig limbs meet in the middle,
nestled in clasped palms.