Fitzeroy Gardens, Melbourne
Fitzeroy Gardens, Melbourne

In times of crisis,
reflecting humans’ lifestyle 
flowers bow their heads.
As we pull, uproot their soul,
they pity us, a lost cause.

Christmas Day

A day of sharing

feasting, commemorating

for those who have all

another day on the street

for those who have none at all

I enjoy the holiday season—not because of the bells and whistles, but because it’s the only time of year I spend with my parents for their sake. Christmas Day is my dad’s birthday, and four days ago was my mother’s. And despite all the differences we have, despite our irritating tendencies towards each other, we still come together. Sometimes it’s more out of duty than love, but we’re there for each other nevertheless.

But not everyone’s like that. This is still just another day for countless of people in our world—first, second, third.

While most of us spend our day with friends and family, some spend it with those who have nothing. It’s important to recognise them, but most important—to sustain well beyond this one day.

I don’t know what Christmas is all about, but I sure as hell know that it’s not about being philanthropic one day and impervious for the rest of the year.



Building in Pasadena, California

With bells and whistles

trials and tribulations

unsettled as beach

ups and downs, and sideways too

life, wavering pendulum


Poetess, Umlauf Sculpture Garden, Austin, Texas

Silent, unspeaking

creating, destroying worlds

with power of words

a woman, the poetess

in mindful rumination

— — — —

Photo: Umlauf Sculpture garden and Museum, Austin, Texas.

Sculpture: Poetess, 1956, cast stone. The sculpture pays homage to Charles’ wife, Angeline Allen Umlauf, who was an art student in Chicago before becoming a poetess. Representing poetic inspiration, the sculpture also refers to Angeline who played a part in creating the Sculpture Garden.

City of many things

Made for the people

city of luck, lustre, love

made by the people

a city of muck and mire

so real and still so fine

— — —

This is my first time trying Tanka, a work of 5 lines following the 5-7-5-7-7 syllables format. What do you think?

Photo: JFK airport