A moment

For a few years now, I, along with family, travel at least twice a year. And more than once, we’ve hit exotic locations, just the same time the monsoons hit. So my photo library is full of water reflections and swaying trees. Despite all that, however, there’s one photo that’s closer to my heart than any other. It still amazes me how I managed to capture that moment the trees over our heads reflected in the tea I was about to cherish. Oh, and it was December, the coldest season of the year, in Kodiakkanal, one of the coldest cities of Tamilnadu.


A Match Like None Other

There are plenty of things that go well together. Like pie and pecans. Like bread and butter, like chocolate and milk, or bagels and cream.

But no matter how many decadent things you put together, there’s one pair that beats them all: early mornings and coffee.

For me, sunrises are incomplete without a cup of my favourite nourishment. Sometimes it’s tea and many times it’s coffee. No matter which, an empty cup reflecting the morning sunshine fuels my soul while I bask in its warmth.


Trodden and Untrodden

What a year it’s been. 2016 was difficult and, yet, unforgettable for so many different reasons. This year I explored a variety of paths. Some were adventurous, some were tiring, but almost all were fun.

This year, I saw snow for the first time.

This year, I walked through forests a lot of times.

This year, I went high above sea level, looking down at massive land mass.

I’ve had cold breeze gushing behind my ears, the blinding sun warming my spine, and cooling greenery chilling my soul.

It’s been a good year.

I don’t know which path I will head off to in 2017, but I hope it’s as good as the ones in 2016.

Or better, that’s fine too.


All’s Well

On a rainy day or a grainy day, I wouldn’t turn down tea any day.

At times it trickles down my throat and calms my sore heart, and at other times it trickles down my throat and takes me home. It’s like PJs for my soul. It makes all well.

I took this photo in Darjeeling while walking around in a national wildlife sanctuary. We had stopped for a tea that replenished our tired cells with a perfect balance of caffeine and bitterness.alls-well

Out of Nowhere

It was the last place I expected to see so much water. Deep inside Thekkady’s forests lie a few tea estates, and nestled within them is this lake.

I don’t know its name, I don’t know where it begins or ends, I don’t even know if it’s a lake at all. But as the cold breeze gushed over and I pulled my sweater closer to myself, I couldn’t resist the ripples spreading through.thekkady-lake