Stop thief!

dark clouds hovering over the city on a summer afternoon, Canberra

They’ve stolen the sun,
season’s greatest cover up—
dark clouds gathering.

Stay strong

Storm clouds over Telstra Tower, Canberra

Weather every storm,
even as the world crumbles,
stand up tall, brave heart.

Disappearing act

Summer sunset, Canberra

Fiery ball of light,
melting in the cold darkness,
as candle, sunset.


Telstra Tower as seen from across the Lake Burley Griffin
Canberra’s iconic Telstra Tower, from across the Lake Burley Griffin

Beneath the cobwebs,
as a knight in shining suit,
guards land, monument.

In the bush

Telstra Tower from across the Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
The Telstra Tower, Canberra

Miracles descend
while the world has its back turned;
seasonal musings.