photo of a large tree by the beach, leaning heavily towards the ocean due to persistent breeze pulling it in that direction

A tree that survives,
whispers secrets in the breeze:
bend so you don’t break.


photo of the full moon, as seen from behind a tree

Making the tides dance,
cowering behind a tree—
puppeteering moon.


panaromic photo of a large fig tree, in Brisbane's botanic gardens

Grandstanding in style,
reclaiming territory—
fig tree sits smugly.


photo of a large tree by the beach, bent and growing sideways because of the ocean wind

Going with the flow,
bending to avoid breaking—
a tree that survives.

Look and you’ll see

Close up photo of a hole in a tree stump where there’s a small stone with a smiley face drawn on it

Between the hollows
in dark deep corners of world
a smile enlightens