Photo of an artwork by Shamsia Hassani. Art shows an Afghan woman holding a bunch of dandelions behind her back while a war tank rolls on in front of her.
Art by Shamsia Hassani, an Afghan graffiti artist. Artwork commission for OzAsia festival in Adelaide, 2022

Shelling left and right,
corroded metallic smoke—
my flowers wither.

See more of Hassan’s work on her Instagram profile.


photo of the setting sun shining on the top of a pine tree

Bit of pine sighting
as the world’s busy fighting
half-hearted sunshine

Once soldier

Retired war plane, National Museum of Australia

Cast away: brother
in arms, galloping stallion,
now retired, showpiece.

Game of numbers

National War Memorial, Canberra

Bloody-red poppies,
power; it’s painful remains—
statistical loss.