A windy, winter day in Canberra

Sweep away

long and bare
arms reaching out
body chilling
he pleads

praying to the cold and grey
ruthless sky
heart clenched with ice
dripping shards of hate
just being 
unperturbed by a leaky belly

swooshes the gale
slapping sideways
arms swinging
he sighs

Photo: Another windy, winter day in Canberra
Trees by the lake Ginninderra

For battle

lined up unarmed
awaiting winter
summer trees

Photo: Trees by the lake Ginninderra, Canberra

Fate of the unprepared

The worst in many years
it’s biting and it’s chilling
heartless coldness unfearing
creeping through the darkness
peeping in half-open wardrobes
combing a way through, unabashed
thrusting itself upon the air
and pricking at my wiggly toes
cutting through cotton clothes
and laughing at the unprepared
comes winter in autumn’s wake