It comes to us all

Winter sunset in Canberra
Winter sunset, Canberra

Shedding vanity,
marking the passing of time—
winter skeletons.

Innocent bystanders

Canberra suburbs on a winter afternoon
Canberra suburbs

Fresh, uncorrupted,
and bubbling with energy—
nature; toddler’s mind.

Natural succession

Winter morning walk, Canberra
One morning in Winter, Canberra

With a trim, fit sheen,
paving a path to progress—
trees changing seasons.


Winter morning in Canberra
Winter morning in Canberra

Wintry sun, the son,
radiating defiance,
against trees, parents.

Warms the soul

Frosty sunrise, Canberra
Frosty sunrise, Canberra

Full bodied, complex,
as rich, well rounded Syrah—
in your face, the sun.