Shakespeare, my love

What has not been said about Shakespeare? Numerous controversies. Google Search is home to a large number of sites, exclusively about Shakespearean controversies. It is sufficient to write a best selling book. Such an irresistible topic for critics. Apart from all these fanged stories, Shakespeare – as himself, stands tall and proud. His works are being admired and appreciated by many, both literature students and otherwise – including myself.

Shakespeare was one of those playwrights who initiated wordplay. Changing the logical order of words in a sentence is one effective way of capturing the reader. This technique is something that seeks attention till date.

“Something wicked this way comes” -Macbeth

Another something about Shakespeare is, to me, he appears as a realistic man who hated conventions. He was a tradition thrasher and that uniqueness is what made him popular and also the centre of controversies.

Shakespearean plays are part of the education system. One man’s writing has had the power to educate many. As a student myself, I learnt that it was Shakespeare who changed the format and content of the Petrarchan sonnet.

Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets are nothing closer to the conventional Courtly Love Poetry that existed before his time.

Sometimes, Shakespeare’s works may be humorous, in comparison to the traditional art of poetry.

“If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head” -My mistress’ eyes

I must appreciate his courage. He lived in an age where poets praised their mistresses (sometimes falsely) and compared them to the Angelic Goddesses or state that their beauty is incomparable. Living in that age and circumstance Shakespeare had a lot of courage to say that his mistress’ hairs are wires!

No matter what people may say about him, there is no denying that William Shakespeare is one person who defines English Literature and is a man of words and bravery. When one learns and is immersed in Shakespeare’s works, the controversies that surround him means nothing. After all the art is more precious than the artist.


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