The Village By The Sea

                 A story that portrays the typicality of Indian fishing villages and families.

~Anita Desai~

             Here’s a story that tells Indians about the fishing villages and the daily struggles of our fishermen’s families. The story revolves around a family of four kids, of whom three are girls. The mother is bed ridden and the father is a typical drunkard. Therefore the livelihood of the family falls in the hands of the eldest, Lila (14 years) and her brother Hari who is a year younger.  Each page is a lively portrayal of their efforts to upbring their family’s standard.

            The beauty of this story lies in its factual details and the simplicity of the characters. Devoid of basic needs, the two children never give up their family. They uphold the traditions and support their family at all times. The author has done a remarkable job in depicting a village in a beautiful way that remains in the readers’ hearts .

Lila is a young girl, just trying her best to retain her description as a typical Indian girl. Her passion for saris and bangles reflect her interests and knowing she can’t get many, she does well to give up her wants for the sake of the family. Similarly Hari also works hard.  Not having a fixed job, he does anything he can. He ploughs a non-fertile land, he does fishing by the shore and he climbs coconut trees to sell the coconuts for money.

Besides the family story, the author also illustrates the effect of urbanization on a small fishing village, Thul. This is a story which looks to educate about the destruction of our villages in the name of industrialization.


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