Oh, my love is like…

I’m in love… Wow! What a divine feeling it is. Oops! Did I just say ‘divine’? Funny thing love is, made me call it ‘divine’. How bizarre! Its just a mark of my long-term madness.

My love has me crazily blabbering. I’m drowsy over it. I’m saying and doing things I sanely wouldn’t or shouldn’t. I’m already fantasizing what to do after my exams, and it isn’t going to happen for another month! I’m enveloped by this blissful feeling that keeps me attracted towards my love. The more I try to stay away from it, the more it haunts me.

What’s happening around me? Why is my exams isolating me from my love?

Time, it’s the need of the day. All I need is a little extra time for myself. Though I know I will have all the time in the world in a couple of months, the biggest problem is doing the waiting. It’s just so difficult to wait. Those around me aren’t doing anything to help either, the ‘best’ they come up with is: “wait.” I’m tired of doing it.

I am just so desperate, I’m trying to stay away (or at least maintain a reasonable distance) until my exams are over, but it seems almost impossible. I just wish I could spend more of my time with my love – but it seems so difficult to get closer.There is always my books between us, books that distract and disturb me through night and day.

Some people suggest that I give up on my love, because I still have a long way to go in terms of my formal education, or so they say. But I can’t give up on my love; it’s my future, it is what I depend upon. I can’t and will never, in my right mind, give up.

Enough chit chatting. Coming back to life on a daily basis, I am not going to think about the future, I have no exams for the next few days and I’m going to spend all of my next few days with my love.

I think I’ll go to the terrace with a novel, and my fantasies.


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