Five Point Someone

A best seller, adopted into a Hindi movie which topped the charts for several weeks.

Well, that’s not a petty description. It’s the highest a novice author can dream of. Chetan Bhagat shook the Indian literary industry with his first novel; Five Point Someone, in which he portrayed life in India’s greatest institute of technology (or in simple terms, life in the hell on Earth) which, by the way, is supposed to be IIT.

 Though it portrayed a normal college story craftily, and there were some parts which were highly enjoyable, on the whole, I wasn’t too impressed by the story. I have no reasons, but the novel didn’t seem unique to me.

Though it was highly advertised that the book was adopted into a movie, I didn’t see too many similarities between the book and the movie. Only the theme seemed similar.

I am usually interested in the cover of a book. In this case, the cover just didn’t appeal to me. Firstly, it was white. The next thing, it looked like an illustration of a highly confused mind. Maybe that’s the way IITians’ minds are: disorganized.

Bhagat has openly criticized certain habits in IIT, though it’s worth noticing that Chetan Bhagat is an IIT alumnus himself. This is a story about three youngsters, who didn’t take long to realize that their common dream had taken the wrong turn, right into a nightmare. The story relates their lives, their trials and their not-too-many triumphs.

They go through a lot and love blooms, in addition to the educational burden. Their lives move on, and they never score more than five-point-something. At the end of their final year, they leave, as three five-point someones, each pursuing a different career. Life at IIT is tastefully said in this story, and yet again, IIT proves to be a student’s choice of a suicide spot. I am confused as to whether the author was criticizing the overall educational system or the way thing are done at IIT, or both. That, in my view, is the only confusion in this otherwise artfully knit story.


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