photo of the footpath at the botanical gardens with teh words, "Dump SANTOS" chalked on the ground
SANTOS is an Australian oil and gas company. Acronym for South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search. Climate activists ran this Dump SANTOS campaign during the Tour Down Under bicycle race in South Australia. SANTOS is the sole sponsor for the race.

Changing childhood joys:
activists chalking footpaths,
defy compliance.


photo of a large climbing tree that's taken over an electricity pole

Trees send a message
colonising a light post—
they thrive despite us.


photo of the shadow of the photographer on sea waves close to the shore

Waves don’t wash away,
all that lingers in my mind,
a shadow of doubt.


Close up photo of the ocean foam by the sea shore.

Lapping the shoreline,
ocean foam filters itself—
fur-licking kitten.


close up photo of a deadpool-branded tshirt on a clothes rack at a street stall

Hiding in plain sight,
lodged in every street corner—
superheroes stand.