photo of strawberries partly hidden under leaves and flowers

Hidden balls of gold—
scattered throughout my garden—
edible treasures.


photo of the flowers of mustard lettuce plants with the late-afternoon sun shining behind the plants
Mustard lettuce

Mustard lettuce plants,
shine bright as they go to seed—
compete with the sun.


photo of a row of bamboo plants, all scratched and carved with initials and random words
People leaving their mark on the Adelaide Botanical Garden

Tall dark and handsome,
clumper of bamboos await
human graffiti.

I see

close up photo of grass, focussed in the photo, with a large pine tree in the distance

I lie with the grass,
giant trees afar—snugly
fit into my eyes.


photo of the sun setting behind leaf less trees and old houses, silhouetting the buildings and plants

Outlines of dark trees,
colours of a fading day—
an after-work high.