Going home

“Come hither!”
She beckons,
arms wide, lips curling
twisting, my soul with it.

Thunder echoes,
whispering hope in ears
rustling as autumn leaves 
brushing against 
my callous frame.

Worn by weather,
marred by wear,
my eyelids droop—
crinkles catch up,
I let go.

She bundles me—
warm scoop and ice cream,
melts the cold away,
carries me home.

Calling home

“What else?” She asks.
For the second time today.

The first time, 
I’d stood by the window
basking, in the stream
shooting from the horizon.
Full in my face,
filling untinted glasses
with blinding brightness
and warmth.

Like a steam towel on an airplane
soothing, it sat on my eyes,
closed, I’d surrendered
just a little longer…
almost forgetting
mother’s “what else?”
I’d jerked at her shakiness
“Hmm… Nothing else, ma.”

Clicking off,
promising another call
in eight hours.

As a pebble in a stream,
tumbling, tumulting at tasks 
delayed progress
time flew in my world—
froze in hers.
As empty picture frame, 
life hung around.
Hollow in the middle, 
nothingness spread wide,
countable greys now blacks
once page-flipping fingers
frayed, shiver at a touch
shrill soccer mum’s throat
now trill in weak trebles.

“What else?” she asks me.
Stumped, “How’s the weather ma?”
I repeat.

Ageing ungracefully

Sitting across me
on the table
arms wreathed
perched on lap
shoulders resting
after battling

Groans the chair
on her behalf
heavily fragile
with crow paws 
by the eyes
pecking age
weighing down.

Wild winds rage
beyond reach
we sight each other
in each other’s
silver hair, dotted cheeks
failing soul
cheeky smile.

Wheezing for air
in open space
as cling-packed
shrooms, dried
awaiting pop
that livens one
snuffs, other.

Lost meaning

He didn’t know what it meant
when, eyes pitiful,
doctor said:

common disease
wrecks, wracks lives
yet much to hope—

She didn’t know what it meant
when, eyes screwed,
husband whined

another sign of age
comes to all, all in good time
one ear to another

When her walk faltered 
as staff he stood
to lean and to love

She showed, never told
as his ears waned
for speech had lost

Trembled her throat
only trebles escaping
with none to talk
the mute.

World fell silent
as extinguished flame
calmed his mind

They didn’t know what it meant,
a balance in life,
for time deemed obsolete