Watch in awe

photo of a sidewalk lined with reddish-orange autumn trees

Lie down and look up,
canopy of burgundy;
a bedding of leaves.


the moon and partly red, partly green autumn trees along the bike path
Autumn comes to Canberra

No one values her—
on call, biker yells at air,
rides past autumn moon.

Young love

photo of the sun shining through autumn leaves
Autumn in Canberra

A meek sun peeks through,
warmth against the chilly cheek;
autumn blushes, falls.

Hold tight

brown autumn leaf stuck on chicken wire

Bound by elements
clinging dearly for life: leaf;
frail, but what a view!

All in good time

Autumn leaves on a tree, half of them red and the other half still green

Conversing with trees,
the earth’s body clock rotates;
timely conversions.