photo of the vibrant flowers of a gum tree against a blue, cloudless sky

Like bees to blossoms
chasing blue skies and sunshine—
chilly autumn day.

The end

photo of the sunset in the distance, with deep orange colours

Clouds once full and round
shrink; sun sets hollows deepen—
winter is coming.

Good times

photo of reddish-orange autumn leaves in trees, taken from the footpath on a street

Once upon a time
we only marched on fall leaves—
may that time return.

Together as one

A photo of a tree in autumn, with green, red, and shades of yellow leaves.
Canberra’s autumn

Green, yellow, and red—
beauty in coexistence,
nature represents.


closeup photo of fallen autumn leaves with the tree in the background

A fallen soldier,
looking up to the others,
hoping, autumn leaf.