Close up photo of coffee in a pot witg the aunlight reflecting on it. The light has formed the shape of a heart.
Sunlight on my coffee. Not the work of a barista.

Miracle of light
illuminate emotions
boundless love stories


closeup photo of a coffee with latte art in a clay cup

Soul of an artwork,
is partly in the canvas,
as fine coffee cup.

Hug in a mug

Latte art

As a mother’s smile,
on her child’s first day at school;
spreading warmth, coffee.

All in a cup

Cappuccino at a local cafe, Canberra
Cappuccino at a local cafe, Canberra

Well rounded coffee,
and bold bittersweet cocoa;
full-flavoured is life.

This too shall pass

Frosty morning, Canberra

On wintry mornings,
when all else but coffee fails,
take heart; spring’s coming.