Hug in a mug

Latte art

As a mother’s smile,
on her child’s first day at school;
spreading warmth, coffee.

All in a cup

Cappuccino at a local cafe, Canberra
Cappuccino at a local cafe, Canberra

Well rounded coffee,
and bold bittersweet cocoa;
full-flavoured is life.

This too shall pass

Frosty morning, Canberra

On wintry mornings,
when all else but coffee fails,
take heart; spring’s coming.

Savour each moment

Coffee at a local cafe, Canberra
Latte at a local cafe, Canberra

Breathe in the spirit—
find beauty; the yin and yang
of everyday life.

Says a box of instant coffee

Made in Australia
with ingredients from multiple origins.
Low fat,
with Australian oats;
We appreciate your comments,
empty contents into your favourite cup,
pour in hot, but not boiling water,
stir well.
Please dispose of thoughtfully—
not for individual sale.
Please recycle—
see bottom of pack:
plant based cafe classics—
this packaging is not recyclable.
May be, present,
for lovers of coffee.