photo of a fenced off lush valley with a lake in the middle and blue skies

Controlled greenery
fenced off private property
blues in the distance


photo of a bike path going up a small hill

An uphill battle
we crawl, walk, run, and peddle
a landscape called life


Photo of a gum tree surrounded by smaller greener trees, with the sunlight sporadically on the leaves. There are also a lot of white and dark clouds behind the gum tree.

Patches of comfort
cheese toast in a paper bag
sunlight through the clouds


Closeup photo of yellow flowers.

A burst of yellow
the first showers of summer
warmth to a cold heart

Look and you’ll see

Close up photo of a hole in a tree stump where there’s a small stone with a smiley face drawn on it

Between the hollows
in dark deep corners of world
a smile enlightens