Ultimate surviver

Graffiti, Melbourne alleyways
Graffiti, Melbourne alleyways

In the sticky smell
of an aerosol-smeared tyre
survives the painter.

Savour each moment

Coffee at a local cafe, Canberra
Latte at a local cafe, Canberra

Breathe in the spirit—
find beauty; the yin and yang
of everyday life.

Morning breath

Wine glass

Waking blurry eyed,
though ashamed and regretful—
adult? Accepted.

All in a drink

It was as if un-roasted, coarsely-ground peppercorns clawed down his throat.


The future father-in-law’s gold-rimmed eyes popped, seeking weakness. Schadenfreude.

“Wow, intense shiraz!”

This is my entry for day 3 of the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction 2020 competition. Today’s prompt: intense. Learn more on their website or on Twitter.


Mania and depression met at a party. It was love at first sight—but soon enough, one realised that the other had got it by the eyeballs.

This is my entry for the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction 2020 contest run by Writers Victoria. Every day throughout April, they’ll publish a prompt on their website and Twitter handle. The competition is to come up with a flash fiction incorporating the prompt in 30 words or fewer. Interested? Check it out!