By Lake Ginninderra, Canberra


show’s over
take a bow
well done, autumn 

Photo: By Lake Ginninderra, Canberra

P.S: I might have developed a certain obsession for the lake.

A windy, winter day in Canberra

Sweep away

long and bare
arms reaching out
body chilling
he pleads

praying to the cold and grey
ruthless sky
heart clenched with ice
dripping shards of hate
just being 
unperturbed by a leaky belly

swooshes the gale
slapping sideways
arms swinging
he sighs

Photo: Another windy, winter day in Canberra

Go ahead

you’re always in front of me
every time we go out
you walk ahead
strutting along, a know-it-all
playing the guide, a role
as a warrior father
mean protector
for a shady, puny figure

but honestly,
you’re just in my way
blocking my sight

what am I, a child?
am as good as you
a little darker, perhaps
and shorter sometimes
yet weaker—never!

a puppeteer you are
waving arms amok
yet I do follow
like a puppy its master
trudging along
wagging after

behind you always
like a slave 
a snake
dancing to your tune
your bidding
biding my time...

echoes a whisper in my ear
grazes my cheek
rise with me
it says lifting my limbs
my spirits
above humans, petty peeves
and I rose
for the first time 
over your head, ahead of you
midday is my dawn
shadow my name

Give me a break!

around the room
from one end to another
a mindless show of spinning
like a hunter chasing rabbits
a child its dreams
as a runner on a winter morn
out of breath 
rasping for air
for a pause—
from the cold chase
gosh, what a wild goose

shoved around for fun
serving bullies all along
a plaything for the kids
to get ‘em off the parents
who pine for a quiet night

this way and that
unclear what’s what
blindly running
a duty of the distraction
that’s done, only ends
when the game’s over
or footballers tire

So long

shedding skin


searching summer 


A new experiment today. Think it works?