Gum nut

closeup photo of the red gum flower on a gumtree surrounded by gum nuts and leaves
Kings Park and WA botanic garden

Flaunting a red skirt,
Cinderella of the trees—
eucalypt blossoms.


three lean gum trees in a row, all with slightly crooked barks

The three musketeers
seek adventure in a park—
tall mischievous gums.


a gumtree bark, branches, leaves, and the blue skies above, as seen from below

Pillars of our earth
holding the skies up, earth down;
solid old timber.


photo of the vibrant flowers of a gum tree against a blue, cloudless sky

Like bees to blossoms
chasing blue skies and sunshine—
chilly autumn day.

Instant fix

photo of a large gumtree with piles of wood placed nearby

Hundred-year-old tree
cut down for high-end timber
it’s fine, we’ll plant more