New life

photo of a hollowed out gumtree with fallen trees around it - on the Mt. Remarkable summit trail in South Australia
On the way up Mount Remarkable in South Australia

Graveyard of gumtrees—
on remarkable mountain,

Gum nut

closeup photo of the red gum flower on a gumtree surrounded by gum nuts and leaves
Kings Park and WA botanic garden

Flaunting a red skirt,
Cinderella of the trees—
eucalypt blossoms.


three lean gum trees in a row, all with slightly crooked barks

The three musketeers
seek adventure in a park—
tall mischievous gums.


a gumtree bark, branches, leaves, and the blue skies above, as seen from below

Pillars of our earth
holding the skies up, earth down;
solid old timber.


photo of the vibrant flowers of a gum tree against a blue, cloudless sky

Like bees to blossoms
chasing blue skies and sunshine—
chilly autumn day.