Standing ground

panaromic photo of a gum tree on a foot path in a park

Reclaiming nowhere,
safe from human weaponry—
quality timbre.

Whispering gums

Panoramic photo of a lemon scented gum against a blue sky dotted by clouds.

The neighbourhood watch;
as humankind passes by,
eucalypts whisper.


photo of the almost-full moon and a large gum tree beside it, as seen from a balcony

A towering gum,
glowing full moon arising—
I don’t ask for much.


A group of tall gum trees in the morning. The sun’s first rays shine on the top half of the trees.

Early morning gums,
sunshine’s kiss on their foreheads,
cherry on ice cream.


photo of a row of tall gum trees, as seen from below

Earth’s own flesh and bone—
a living breathing creature,
timber in waiting.