Made to order, made in order

When it comes to putting things in order, even the most chaotic person would first think of food, and food stalls stacked with treats and piled with sugar. Ask me though, and I’d think of momos instead. Dumplings in some cultures, the traditional Tibetan momos are stuffed, steamed delicacies. And ever since a friend handmade them for a bunch of us, I’ve fallen in love with the floury, cabbage-filled, caramelised oniony, goodness. And the best part is—aside from the flavoured heat that escapes into your mouth when you bite into it—that it’s always served in fancy shapes and patterns.

momos made to order

Mission Momo

I have a thing for momos. It’s a traditional Tibetan steamed or fried dumpling made with flour and stuffing.

And it stuffs my heart with so much joy, it’s comfort food on a whole new level. A friend introduced me to the momos and ever since I’ve been scouring restaurants nearby looking for the perfect plate of momos.

And last weekend, I hit the jackpot. I found a place called the Tibet Memorial Restaurant. Well, it had Tibet in the name, so it had to be good. Sure enough, their’s was by far the best momos I’ve had in my area.


I’ve had tasted better momos in Darjeeling, though. But it could be because a colder climate complements the puff of steam that streams out when you bite into a momo.