With bated breath

Waiting, for me, signifies expectation, anticipation, and the hope that something big is about to come my way. It’s the thrill of breathlessness and the unsettling uncertainty that makes waiting so much painful and yet pristine at the same time. There’s tension in the air and friction in the molecules all around us, and a mystery waiting to unfurl. That’s what I felt while walking down these Pleasanton suburbs. It was at around 7 am and not a cricket was astir. The entire place awaited the buzz of human existence.

In the distance, behind the shadows of these beautiful buildings stood a woman on her porch ready to scare away unwelcome trespassers. Perhaps I appeared too touristy to her, but she ignored my presence and glanced right through me—as if I wasn’t there. Oh, but I was, and I have this picture as a reminder.



A seer

Anticipates rain

from a glance at the sky—

Seer, the farmer

Teaming up

When two natural elements come together in an obvious way, we often don’t realise how the other two elements complement and contribute to balance that scenery. Anywhere we turn, there’s water, earth, fire, and air working as one. That’s what I recognised in this picture, when I looked at it months after taking it. The sea and the rocks were obvious, but without the wind and the heat of the atmosphere, the sea wouldn’t have been so ferocious, and the rocks wouldn’t have even existed. Now that’s teamwork.

nature in teamwork

Unflowering future

Erodes the seas’ soil

soiling tomorrow today—

nips buds in the bud.

Towards nature

Karl hadn’t seen food or sunlight in over a week. His insides curled up in hunger, and the rainforest grew wetter each day, forcing him to stay put.

He’d seen Nature’s darkest side: green. He’d endured dense forests, creepy crawlers, and sleepless nights contemplating if the violet mushrooms scattered on the ground were edible.

He’d wanted to get closer to nature—away from the scorching streets and dehydrating fast food of civilisation. Now he’d give anything to go back, to end it all.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he ate a mushroom. He lived to regret his life’s decisions.