close up photo of two aubergines (eggplants) in the plant, one considerably more mature than the other

Older aubergine,
teaches young one to hang on—
lessons in living.


photo of a large climbing tree that's taken over an electricity pole

Trees send a message
colonising a light post—
they thrive despite us.


close up photo of tiger lillies in a bush

My garden tiger,
vibrant orange tiny stripes—
consumed by lilies.


close up photo of the bud of a bottle brush flower
Bottlebrush flower bud

As the curtains rise,
sunlight streams into the folds—
young bottlebrush sings.


close up photo of the stalk of a sunflower, as seen from behind, with a few ants on it

Ants on tiny hairs,
crawling in search of nectar—
do sunflowers feel?