Photo of the sun rising above the lifeguard watch tower by the beach.

Up above the sea,
casting eyes at the surfers,
the sun, a lifeguard.


Photo of a dead fish by the beach, a deep hole in its midriff.

Fish out of water,
blow above the abdomen;
the first time we met.


Photo of footprints on the beach

Footprints on a beach:
our quest to be remembered;
a life washed away.


Photo of the sun, soon after sunrise, curtained by a canary of a native trees.

Famished native trees,
lunging for the golden yolk,
engulf the sunshine.


Photo of ocean waves crashing into the rocky cliff face at Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Crashing into rocks,
Splash! Roaring deafeningly,
as ocean, human.