Blue skies - Canberra

Stolen forever

a depth of fresh air
from soul to the sky above
steals away the blues

Canberra sunset and moonrise

Watch and learn

even dark is light
life—it’s a balancing act
as taught by nature

By Lake Ginninderra, Canberra


show’s over
take a bow
well done, autumn 

Photo: By Lake Ginninderra, Canberra

P.S: I might have developed a certain obsession for the lake.

A windy, winter day in Canberra

Sweep away

long and bare
arms reaching out
body chilling
he pleads

praying to the cold and grey
ruthless sky
heart clenched with ice
dripping shards of hate
just being 
unperturbed by a leaky belly

swooshes the gale
slapping sideways
arms swinging
he sighs

Photo: Another windy, winter day in Canberra
Trees without leaves - Canberra

Show off

twisted limbs
pose for a flash
in forest showers