Twisted resource

Tamar river in the background and a winding tree branch in the foreground - Launceston, Tasmania
Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania

In these twisted limbs,
this winding estuary—
birds sanctuary.

Not long now

autumn leaves - red on the edges and yellow on the middle

Autumn leaves blushing,
as a mango—almost ripe—
season’s beginning.

All in good time

Autumn leaves on a tree, half of them red and the other half still green

Conversing with trees,
the earth’s body clock rotates;
timely conversions.

Warrior jet

smoke from a jet flying across the sky during sunset, Canberra

Slashing through the sky,
ripping horizons apart:
a samurai sword.

All guns blazing

autumn sunset colour streaks across the sky, looking like a shooting star

Like a shooting star
primed for destination earth,
lights up the sky, sun.