close up photo of a latte art in the shape of a leaf

On coffee, as trees, 
the perfect leaf doesn’t exist—
blow it; savour it


photo of a pandanus palm tree in the foreground and the ocean in the background

Weeping pandanus,
leans in towards the ocean—
yearns for sea spray’s kiss.


Close up photo of a mushroom on a moist ground, with a rouge weed near it.

Mushrooms after rains:
nature’s own origami;
life between the folds.


Photo of the sun reflecting on the ocean, creating a glinting surface.

Smiling at the world,
sun sits over the ocean;
diamonds on water.


Photo of the beach at sunset, with the early morning orange hue just visible outside the photo’s frame.

Lost souls wandering;
tyre marks along the ocean,
footprints on the soul.