silhouette of a tree and suburbian houses during sunset

Entwined with nature:
outline of humanity,
and yet, out of sync.


photo of the sunset behind storm clouds, emiting a deep orange colour, with a rose bush in the foreground

Sunset before storm—
a ripple of burnt orange
magic in the air.


photo of two large trees looming over roofs of houses with the deep orange of the sunset in the horizon

Sold out performance,
standing ovation from trees,
the sun takes a bow.

Closed loop

photo of a bottlebrush flower with the sunlight streaming through in the top right corner of the photo
Callistemon (commonly known as bottlebrushes), a genus of shrubs in the Myrtaceae family, endemic to Australia

Fed by sun and rain—
feeding gold honeyeaters—
bright bottlebrushes.


winter sunset reflected on glass windows

Millions of sunsets
behind double-glazed windows—
life in reflections.