Expand your palette

Summer sunlight reflecting on luscious trees on a bicycle path, Canberra

Green, blue, and yellow,
master painter’s shades of choice,
cherish, summer’s fall.

A sight to behold

sunlight peaking through the tree barks, Canberra

Angled forty five,
head tilts; Labrador gazes,
mesmerises sun.

Stop thief!

dark clouds hovering over the city on a summer afternoon, Canberra

They’ve stolen the sun,
season’s greatest cover up—
dark clouds gathering.


Summertime sunlight shining through the trees, Canberra

Brightest kid in class;
summertime sun in your face,
blindingly brilliant.

Welcome, child

Cockatoos and corellas playing on trees on a partly cloudy summer afternoon, Canberra

The whole town’s gathered;
skies, trees, cawing cockatoos,
admiring the sun.