Party planet

photo of a path in a valley, with a ray of sunshine falling on the ground

Cloud-smeared crusty earth
hundreds and thousands of rays
world of fairy bread


Image of the sunset on the horizon.

Fused moments melting
pastel skies pigmented pink
spring beams sunset breath


Close up photo of coffee in a pot witg the aunlight reflecting on it. The light has formed the shape of a heart.
Sunlight on my coffee. Not the work of a barista.

Miracle of light
illuminate emotions
boundless love stories


closeup photo of frost on the grass with the sunlight glinting in the camera's lens

A ray of blessings
rain on cold, shrivelled beings,
all we need is sun.


dull sun as seen through the clouds on a winter afternoon

A hole in the wall
along heavenly expanse
winter sun hideout.