It comes to us all

Winter sunset in Canberra
Winter sunset, Canberra

Shedding vanity,
marking the passing of time—
winter skeletons.

The rising

Rise of the full moon, Canberra
Rise of a full moon, Canberra

At first light of dark,
as waning sun creeping low,
come the moon chasers.

Photo: My friend, Janet Martin, who blogs as Wandering Feet.

So changeable

Winter sunset in Canberra

five hundred shades of surprise—
nature, as humans.

Moon’s day out

Full moon on a winter evening, Canberra

Sneaking from behind,
a kitten in a new house;
sunset moon through trees.


Empty light rail station, Canberra
Empty light rail station, Canberra

In absence of rush
and raised voices, we notice—
nature shines for all.