Photo of the bright orange of the sun, as it rises, with the photo capturing the silhouettes of two large trees on either side of the frame.

Wine-stained table cloth;
so vibrantly hungover:
sunrise in winter.

We see

Photo of a thin rainbow in the horizon, against a blue sky.

It rains and it shines,

to see the world in new light,

we reflect, refract.


photo of the sun rise with scattered clouds in the horizon

All over the place,
autumn clouds reflect my mind,
floating in thin air.

Rise above

photo of the sun rising in the horizon with the silhouette of the trees

Rising high above,
escapes the chaos below:
good morning, sunshine.


photo of a large tree with the sun shining through its branches on the left side

Vibrant sun catcher,
manipulates light for looks—
photographer; tree.