New growth

photo of an old-looking tree with a big, new branch brancing off it and making its own branches

From sturdy old roots,
springs out a wandering branch—
like mother like child.


a panaromic photo of a canopy of fig trees in Hyde Park, Sydney
Hyde Park, Sydney

Warmth in a cold world:
fig limbs meet in the middle,
nestled in clasped palms.


photo of a jacaranda tree in full bloom with a few green leaves here and there
Jacaranda tree

Specks of greenery
spotted in a purple sea—
jacaranda blooms.


photo of a Moreton Bay fig tree and its widespread roots
Moreton Bay fig or Moraceae, a species of trees endemic to eastern Australia

Engulfing the earth,
casting its roots far and wide,
native tree reclaims.


photo of a tall gumtree just after the rain

With renewed vigour,
flaunts its luscious head of hair—
gumtree after storm.