Night out

silhouette of a trees' branches extending over a tall fence, with the sunset colours behind it

As the sun goes down,
the brave venture beyond walls—
overhanging fruits.

Prime real estate

photo the city of Perth across the of a peeling paperbark skin Swan river, taken from under a paperbark tree, its branches leaning over in the frame
A paperbark tree (myrtle family) on the other side of Perth and the Swan river

Worth million dollars,
far away from the city—
my paperbark views.


photo of the sun shiing through the hanging branches of a tree

As green curtains part
to a gentle autumn breeze,
the sun warms your soul.


photo of a leafless tree's branches and teh afternoon sun directly above it in a clear cloudless sky

Bald tree greets blue sky,
old limbs soaking up the sun—
grandma’s daily walk.


photo of the branches of a tree extending like veins, as seen from below

The neural network,
controls our collective breath,
’til branches wither.