photo of a large tree by the beach, leaning heavily towards the ocean due to persistent breeze pulling it in that direction

A tree that survives,
whispers secrets in the breeze:
bend so you don’t break.


Photo of a tall gum tree as seen from below.

Dizzyingly high:
seeking the tip of gumtrees
I look up; jaw drops.


panaromic photo of a tall bald tree stump

It takes great courage,
to stand taller than the rest;
enduring bald tree.


Photo of a large cactus tree spread out and curled out like wires.

A head full of snakes,
stunning any who sees it—
Medusa of trees.


Panoramic photo of a lemon scented gum tree and a small fig tree growing at its base, leading towards a crack in the gum’s trunk.
A young fig tree growing alongside an established gumtree

A sign of great growth:
playing host for a new life;
old becomes mature.